Concerns aired over incinerator plans

By Peter MacArthur 11:20am, August 22, 2013
Green Delaware wants the state to reconsider plans to allow an incinerator in New Castle.

The group's executive director Alan Muller says the project is being presented as 'good for business,' in Delaware, but in reality, it would be a major pollution contributor.

Muller says the industry tries to present its facilities as less of a threat by labeling them as something other than incinerators, such as gasifiers.

"What that means is that they put the tires in one chamber and cook them, and then the gas that comes out gets burned in another chamber and they claim, "Oh well, there's no combustion, they're just cooking the tires without burning them." And so if someone is motivated to promote this they can sort of try to narrowly focus."

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Muller says state officials have agreed to extend the period for public comment on the incinerator until Monday September 9th, but he's critical of the Markell administration for not issuing a public notice about the extension.

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