Wilmington biz ordered to stop storing chemical

By Peter MacArthur 12:02pm, August 22, 2013 - Updated 12:04pm, August 22, 2013
A Wilmington company has been ordered to stop storing a chemical because it's been deemed too unsafe by DNREC.

The chemical, known as IPP, is unstable in temperatures above minus-4 degrees Farenheit.

DNREC says some of the stuff being stored at Homalite at 11 Brookside Drive in Wilmington a year ago, exploded and blew up part of a building after the freezer in which it was being stored, failed.

State law requires that companies storing chemicals like IPP, which is used primarily as a plastic polymer, must do so with freezers that are monitored constantly and are explosion-proof.

The order from DNREC requires that Homalite stop storing the chemcial until it has an explosion-proof freezer on site, which is expected to happen by October first.

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