It's back to school day

By Amy Cherry 5:57pm, August 25, 2013
Kids head back to school. (WDEL/File)
It's that time of year - bells are ringing and students are heading back to school Monday.

WDEL's Amy Cherry caught up with the state Education Secretary about changes in the upcoming school year.

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You'll start to see certain Race to the Top initiatives winding down in Delaware schools.

State Education Secretary Mark Murphy points to data coaches which will be scaled back from 29 to just 10.

"It's not that it didn't work. It was incredibly powerful, but it was more that that initiative does not need to go on forever because it served the purpose that it was meant to serve," says Murphy.

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Murphy says one tough choice that lies ahead - deciding whether to keep Race to the Top development coaches.

"If our districts say this is tremendously beneficial to our school leaders, and we see high performance, then we may seek to further fund that initiative in the subsequent years," he says.

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If the state does keep them, unless they get additional funding, they'll have to take money from another program.

In his second year on the job, Murphy expects the Common Core standards to be fully implemented.

He says it's been a long journey for schools that are helping each other out through the the Common Ground for the Common Core initiative.

"Schools coming together to work together as school-based teams to best implement and best learn from each other as they implement these new standards," he says.

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Murphy tells WDEL you'll continue to see a push science, technology, math and engineering, or STEM education.

"What's critical to us is that we're always preparing our children to be successful beyond our K-12 education, beyond high school and what that means is preparing our students for the jobs of the future, and many of those will be in STEM careers," he says.

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