New ramp to ease I-95 jams

By Carl Kanefsky 4:22pm, August 26, 2013
Most all of you have been in it at one time or another...the back up on southbound I-95 through Churchmans Marsh.

Well, WDEL's Carl Kanefsky tells us those jams should soon be a thing of the past.

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We've all been there...I-95 traffic. Brake lights popping on and off like lights twinkling on a Christmas tree. But, one of the biggest problem spots should soon be gone.

Assuming Mother Nature cooperates, DelDOT hopes to have a new ramp open for traffic by Tuesday morning, allowing drivers to move from the interstate and onto southbound Route One, without being forced to stop or even slow down.

"Before, what was happening is you would have to exit 95 and come around what we call a cattle chute type movement, where you would get off, and you would come around in a big circle. And so now what we've done, is just created a fly-over. People can just continue at a safe speed and merge over with two lanes of traffic heading south, and then the mall traffic will be able to head to the right."

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That's DelDOT Secretary Shailen Bhatt, who says you're also just a few months away from a safer transition from northbound One to I-95 as well.

"Now what happens is you merge into the far southerly lane of 95, and if you want to head northbound, you've got to weave across four lanes of traffic. Now if you're going to head north to Wilmington or Philadelphia, stay straight, and then you won't have to merge across traffic, at all. You'll end up in the left most lane of I-95."

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The northbound ramp should be completed in October.

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