Possible lightning strike grounds all flights at BWI

By Amy Cherry 4:48pm, September 12, 2013 - Updated 4:54pm, September 12, 2013
All flights at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport have been suspended after a potential lightning strike hits an air traffic control tower.

CBS' Gina Garcia has the latest.

"In that strike, apparently, two people who worked in the tower received a severe shock," says Garcia.

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And it's not a quick fix.

"The power is out and they have given us a minimum of at least six hours to get someone here to take a look at it and deal with the problem," says Garcia.

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What's the reaction among travelers there?

"Severe frustration, a couple of times people have come on and said, you know, 'If you would like to with this delay go home, try to reschedule,' and at one point, there was a severe chuckle, because they said 'Good luck.'

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(CBS Radio contributed to this report.)

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