Howard's offense rolls past McKean

By Gianna Banner 4:16pm, September 14, 2013
Video: Highlights from Mckean vs. Howard game and coach's reaction
Howard and McKean opened up Red Clay Football Day at Delaware Stadium Saturday morning.

McKean took the early lead, but Howard's offense was too much for the Highlanders. The Wildcats picked up its second win of the season with a 34-6 victory.

Five seconds into the game, McKean's Andre Henson was injured during kick off. The game was delayed for nearly 45 minutes.

The long break plus injury ignited a fire in the Highlanders' squad.

The defense stopped Howard all the way in the red zone, and came back scoring on the other end with a 30-yard rushing touchdown from McKean's Markese Marlow.

The Highlanders took the first lead, 6-0, but didn't provide anything else on offense.

Raekwon Wells answered right away for the Wildcats, when he scored a rushing touchdown of his own, followed by a Marvell Watts two-point conversion with 1:13 left in the first.

In the second, the Wildcats extended the lead 14-6 after Damon Johniken spotted Jeray Smith all the way down field for the 50-yard touchdown pass.

Howard continued to reach the end zone, when Wells scored his second touchdown of the game. With 16 seconds left in the half, Howard was up 20-6.

In the third, McKean was ready to punt near the end zone, but the kicker fumbled the ball.Marques Wells recovered the football to score the fourth touchdown for the Wildcats.

In the final quarter, a Chaz Sydnor run set up a Bryan Wright one yard touchdown for Howard.

Howard improved to 2-0, while McKean fell to 1-1.

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