Partnership urges students to reach high for college

By Mellany Armstrong 2:08pm, September 18, 2013
Coming soon to high school students in Delaware - packets urging them to think about applying to Ivy League and other top schools.

WDEL's Mellany Armstrong reports.

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College Board President David Coleman told Mount Pleasant High School students not to underestimate themselves.

"We believe at the College Board, and what this team in Delaware believes so deeply, is that if you can go, you must go. You must take advantage of these opportunities," he said.

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Yale University's Dean of Admissions Jeremiah Quinlan says Yale and other Ivy schools are within their reach.

"Last year, Yale spent $120 million in financial aid to make sure that Yale is affordable for any student who is talented enough and fortunate enough to be admitted," he said.

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Governor Markell says these packets will help solve students' challenges in applying.

"We've got to ensure that students like you are not turned off to college because you don't know about the availability of financial assistance, you don't understand how to get through the whole process," he said.

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The College Board is partnering with Delaware and with support from the top schools in providing the information on researching schools, how to apply, and financial aid opportunities. Application fees will also be waived for students who qualify.

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