Phone app helps track child predators

By Jim Hilgen 8:28am, September 22, 2013
The Department of Homeland Security has added a new tool in the fight against child predators.

WDEL's Jim Hilgen has more....

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The tool gives the public a way to track child predators living near them, and report any suspicious activities.

John Kelligan heads Homeland Security's investigative unit in Philadelphia.

He says protecting children is one area of focus for the department.

"Ant type of technology we can utilize to target these individuals, and if it save one child or a hundred children it's well worth the effort," Kelligan says.

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The Operation Predator app got 68-thousand hits when it was launched earlier this month.

Kelligan says the app began reaping rewards just one day after it was launched.

"We got a lead out of our Detroit office off the app, and I believe we effected our first arrest based on this app," says Kelligan.

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The Operation Predator app is available for i-Phone users through the i-Phone App Store.

Homeland Security is developing the app for use on other mobile platforms

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