Teen performs CPR, saves woman's life

By Michelle Provencher 8:17pm, September 27, 2013
A Newark teen came to the rescue when one woman collapsed in line at the grocery store.

16-year-old Amber Shoemate was working at her part-time job as a cashier at Zingo's supermarket Sunday, when she says she noticed a customer was not feeling well.

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"She's kind of dizzy, she's swaying back and forth. So I can tell something's wrong, because of my training I know that something's wrong."

Shoemate says the female patron passed out as she was handing her her change.

Then Shoemate ran to her side. She says another woman in line - who happens to be a nurse - felt no pulse in the unconscious victim.

Luckily, Shoemate says she always carries a CPR valve in her purse.

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"Me and the nurse and another woman from deli, we begin starting CPR on this woman. And within two to three minutes she's back, with a pulse, breathing and she's responsive."

The 11th grader at Hodgson Vo-Tech is currently studying to be a nurse.

Shoemate says the collapsed woman survived, and the victim's daughter sent Shoemate a message thanking her for saving her mother's life.

Shoemate's instructors and principal were also notified of her heroic act.

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