A.I. duPont Dominate in Win Over St. Elizabeth

By Amber Macey 12:56am, September 28, 2013
Quadree Henderson scored 5 touchdowns to help A.I. duPont pull out an impressive victory over St. Elizabeth at Baynard Stadium.

A.I. duPont dominated the first half of the game. They scored 35 points before the end of the 2nd quarter. Freddie Heard linked up with Quadree Henderson several times before he chose the option and scored 6 points of his own.

St. Elizabeth tried to answer back with 20 points of their own. Khaadem Rider ran the ball for a touchdown, and Brendan McCloskey hooked up with receivers Joe Schiavoni and Joe Carrow.

The A.I. duPont Tigers are 2-2 and St. Elizabeth drop to 1-3.

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