DNG feels the pain of the gov't shutdown

By Amy Cherry 5:53pm, October 4, 2013
Photo Courtesy of NBC 10
The Delaware National Guard is feeling the pain of the government shutdown.

At the New Castle County Airport, the private planes fly, but the Delaware Air National Guard's planes are tied down and locked up. The guard had to furlough many of the people who fuel them, maintain them, and fly them.

Furloughed staff Sergeant Ed Gott tells NBC 10 he's disappointed Congress let this happen.

"You know, I definitely feel let down by people I thought that really had our backs and just trying to remain hopeful," says Gott.

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The head of the Delaware National Guard, Major General Frank Vavala, talks about the troops like they're his kids, and he tells NBC 10 he feels like a worried parent.

"We feel your pain ,and we will do everything humanly possible to fix this thing and to get you back to work as soon as we can," he says.

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Vavala is also concerned about the guard being able to do its job at all. He says he's concerned what he calls his team's readiness muscles -- would they be ready to flex if needed, if this shutdown goes on too long.

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