Bayhealth speech therapy program restores man's appetite

By Mark Fowser 5:13pm, October 11, 2013 - Updated 5:40pm, October 11, 2013
A local speech therapy program helps an 86-year-old man enjoy his food once again.

Walter Dzur suffered a fungal infection two years ago, which eventually left him with swallowing complications that kept him from eating solid food for a year.

Milford Memorial Hospital's Speech Pathology Department led him on a long road to recovery.

Bayhealth speech pathologist Abby Johnson tells WDEL more about the treatment program.

"We see a number of different patients with different swallowing disorders, and in the therapy we do a number of exercises to try to strengthen the muscles that you need for swallowing. We also do education on swallowing safety precautions to follow during meals just to limit a person's risk for getting foods and liquids into their airway," says Johnson.

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Dzur recently completed his round of speech therapy.

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