UD, Newark police to step up enforcement for Homecoming

By Tom Lehman 10:02pm, October 11, 2013
Police at the University of Delaware will be on the lookout for unsafe behavior for this weekend's Homecoming celebrations.

WDEL's Tom Lehman reports...

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University Police Patrick Ogden says officers will be patrolling the parking lots on foot and bikes before the Blue Hen's Homecoming game against Albany. He says be looking for those who aren't there to tailgate.

"People will come up in a vehicle, the vehicle's loaded up with alcohol," Ogden says. "No food, there's numerous people--more people than you can fit in the vehicle--who are standing around the vehicle, consuming alcohol and then when kickoff happens, they just leave."

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Groups who don't appear to be tailgating, which Ogden says has been defined by the school, could be approached by officers and possibly asked to leave.

University police will also be teaming up throughout the weekend with Newark police officers to respond to incidents on campus and around the city.

He said officers will be proactive to try and prevent crimes like DUI, disorderly premises and underage consumption.

"We're not out there to ruin anyone's good time," Ogden says. "We're out there to keep people safe."

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