Learn more about Delaware's license plate affinity

By Amy Cherry 3:10pm, October 18, 2013
To some, they're a government requirement. To others, especially in Delaware, license plates are a status symbol.

It's a unique part of Delaware's culture with Delaware drivers bartering, buying, and selling just to get their favorite number on the back of their car.

DelDOT's Mike Williams tells WDEL Delaware's small size gathers steam for the First State license plate affinity.

"Since the earliest days of plates, Delaware has always been able to recycle an umber that has expired or that someone has just stopped using, so that's why we've never had to go to seven numerals, that's why we've never had to divide our plates into alpha-numeric characters," explains Williams.

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Williams says with a population still under one million, he says it would be several decades before Delaware would have to print plates that go into the millions.

Delaware also has the longest running single plate design in the country.

You can learn more about the history of licence plates at the Delaware Public Archives in Dover, where Williams is hosting a special talk. "What's the Story with Delaware License Plates," is scheduled for Nov. 2 at 10:30 a.m. Original and special plates will also be on display.

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