Judge mulls restraining order in wind turbine suit

By Randall Chase, Associated Press 4:57pm, October 21, 2013
A Delaware judge is hinting that he is not likely to issue a restraining order halting construction of a road near a controversial wind turbine adjacent to the University of Delaware's Lewes campus.

Lewes resident Gerald Lechliter sought the restraining order, arguing in Chancery Court that part of road would be within a "fall zone" safety area surrounding the wind turbine.

But attorneys for state environmental department and the university argued Monday that Lechliter had not shown any harm that might result from construction of the road.

The judge seemed to agree, suggesting that Lechliter hasn't met the criteria for a restraining order.

The hearing came in a lawsuit in which Lechliter is challenging construction of the wind turbine on land that had been set aside for open space.

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