New Claymont Library open to all

By Jim Hilgen 10:21pm, October 25, 2013 - Updated 10:49am, October 26, 2013
VIDEO: WDEL's Jim Hilgen reports.
The new Claymont Library is officially open for business, signaling what many are calling a renaissance for this town.

WDEL's Jim Hilgen reports.

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Lawmakers from Washington, D.C., Dover and New Castle County were on hand to celebrate the opening of the new high-tech facility.

County Executive Tom Gordon and Gov. Jack Markell were joined by Senators Chris Coons and Tom Carper and a host of officials from around the county and the state.

Gordon says the library signifies a rebirth for Claymont.

"This is a beautiful addition that I hope continues what has been going on for the last several years of bringing this town back," says Gordon.

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Markell says lawmakers are just a small part of bringing the new facility to life.

"More importantly, there was a group of community members, just regular folks, who came together and said that we are making an investment in their future," Markell says.

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Senator Chris Coons calls the facility a gift for future generations.

"Who will over the next decades come here, take out books, check in on computers, listen to stories, dream big dreams and be a part of a wonderful, safe place to learn and to play," says Coons.

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County Councilman John Cartier represents the Claymont area.

He says the library's architecture makes a strong statement.

"Pedestrians and motorists, as they approach will view the commanding elevation of the clock tower, which will signify to them that this is a key public building," Cartier says.

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The new library features 30 computers with internet access and programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

There is also WiFi access throughout the building and separate teen and children's areas.

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