New benefits for Delaware's top teachers

By Michelle Provencher 12:18am, October 26, 2013
Quality education throughout the First State was the subject of Governor Markell's weekly address.

Markell announces the kick off of the second year of the Delaware Talent Cooperative, an effort to attract stellar teachers.

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"It’s a group of high performing educators who have committed to work in schools with a high percentage of disadvantaged students. We help make it possible for them to take on this challenge by offering financial incentives that are proven to attract and retain top teachers at high-needs schools."

Markell says lower mortgages for qualifying educators is another benefit to teaching in Delaware.

While the governor applauds the many great teachers working in the state, he says more are still needed.

Markell says after a recent visit to budding teachers at Delaware State and the University of Delaware, he is confident local schools will improve.

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"I’m optimistic that we can put more great instructors in all of our schools. You sense their passion as they talk about helping hard-to-reach students and their desire to understand the challenges facing our education system. Most of all, they want to make a difference in kids' lives."

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