DPH asks Delawareans to "rethink their drink"

By Tom Lehman 12:02am, October 29, 2013
October 24th was National Food Day, and the Division of Public Health asked Delawareans to "rethink their drink" and cut down on sugary drinks by replacing them with healthier alternatives.

"The trends have shown that people have significantly increased their calories by what they're drinking," says Dr. Karyl Rattay who heads DPH.

She says choosing healthier drinks is especially important in Delaware because of an obesity rate the doubled to 28 percent over 20 years ending in 2010.

"We've seen a tripling of of overweight and obesity among children and we've seen a doubling of diabetes among adults and those numbers just keep going up," she says.

Rattay says you don't need to make big dietary changes either.

"Just changing one sugary beverage--one twelve ounce sugary beverage--a day to water, can make a huge difference."

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