Tower Hill: Charges against Wheeler don't involve current student

By Amy Cherry 4:53pm, November 4, 2013 - Updated 10:40pm, November 4, 2013
The state has no information to believe the charges against former headmaster Chris Wheeler involve a current Tower Hill student.

That's the latest information relayed to parents from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees in an e-mail obtained by WDEL.

The e-mail, sent Monday from Dr. Earl Ball, says Tower Hill will not proceed with its own internal investigation until the state investigation is complete.

But Ball assures parents that Wheeler was hired thoroughly vetted as part of a nationwide search, and he's not aware of any complaints about Wheeler's conduct while he was headmaster at Tower Hill.

Wheeler was arrested Friday and charged with more than two dozen counts of dealing in child pornography.

The e-mail calls the charges against Wheeler both devastating and disturbing to the Tower Hill community.
Tower Hill has named Harry Baetjer acting Head of School. Baetjer has taught at Tower Hill for more than four decades.

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