Flowers to make travel documents public next week

By Amy Cherry 11:59am, November 5, 2013 - Updated 12:06pm, November 5, 2013
State Treasurer Chip Flowers
Early next week, State Treasurer Chip Flowers says he will publicly release travel documents related to a trip to Alaska that's come under scrutiny.

On his Facebook page, Flowers says he'll make public complete travel plans for himself and former deputy State Treasurer Erika Benner, who resigned on the heels of a state credit card scandal.

Last week on WDEL, Flowers says other media reports insinuating he was romantically involved with his former deputy are an attempt at damaging his political career.

Flowers has insisted nothing inappropriate has gone on between himself and Benner. He says they did sight-see together on a few occasions in Alaska while they were there for a four-day conference.

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