'Special' hoops competition held at McKean

By Sean Greene 1:36am, November 20, 2013
VIDEO: Special Olympics basketball players compete at McKean
About 100 Special Olympians took to the basketball court at McKean to show off their skills during a Basketball Competition Tuesday morning.

The athletes showcased 10 weeks of practice in dribbling, passing, and shooting competitions in front of the watchful eyes of volunteers organized by McKean's Special Olympics Project UNIFY.

One of them was Highlander basketball's Vladimir Bazan, whose brother Gabe competed Tuesday and the older Bazan brother says he got as much out of the experience as the kids did.

"It's just good for the heart. It's the love to make the kids smile and to make them feel we're all united. There's nothing different about them. It's just great to be out here putting smiles on people's faces."

After the athletes worked through the stations, medals were awarded to each competitor by volunteer Delaware State Police Troopers, who also helped bring the Olympic Torch into the gym during the opening ceremonies.

McKean's event was one of 9 that Special Olympics Delaware is organizing over a two week period that continues Wednesday at Dover High School and ends Friday at Christiana.

You can find more information on getting your child involved in Special Olympics at www.sode.org

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