A record-breaking $17K raised by WDEL's Feed a Friend

By Amy Cherry 5:18pm, December 5, 2013 - Updated 5:46pm, December 5, 2013
Watch the exciting announcement as it happened on WDEL.
WDEL's 8th Annual Feed a Friend breaks the record!

"$17,145 dollars! You WDEL listeners, you are awesome," shouts Rick Jensen.

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Thanks to our loyal WDEL listeners, five local shelters will get to go on a shopping spree to feed the needy and the homeless this holiday season.

The Reverend Tom Laymon who runs the Sunday Breakfast Mission, says your donations will go a long way.

"We can do so much by your contribution. The multiplication factor is amazing; it's massive. Hundreds, thousands of lives being turned around and gotten off the streets, despite the recession," Laymon says.

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WDEL listeners always come through, and we thank you for it!

"The listeners of WDEL are so generous. We've seen it year after year," he says.

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Other beneficiaries of WDEL's Feed a Friend include the YWCA, the Newark Welfare Area Committee, the Emmanuel Dining Room and St. Paul's Outreach Center.

If you'd like to make a donation, but haven't had the chance yet, there's still time, just click here.

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