Local politicians acknowledge Nelson Mandela's legacy

By Gianna Banner 8:24pm, December 5, 2013
Local politicians react to the passing of Nelson Mandela.

Senator Chris Coons, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relation Subcommittee on African Affairs, released a statement about the former South African president.

"President Mandela has several important legacies, things to teach all of us around the world. First, as someone who in his early years, was a fighter against colonialism and against the oppression of apartheid. He endured decades of oppression, of imprisonment, and yet was able when he was released from prison to reconcile with his former captors, his former oppressors and lead his country forward peacefully to reconciliation and democracy," said Coons.

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Mayor Williams also issued a statement and offered his condolences to the Mandela family and people of South Africa.

Williams stated, "On his 'long walk to freedom', he displayed immeasurable courage and faith; served as a compelling example of grace and fortitude. Mr Mandela devoted his life to justice, equality, and freedom."

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