Murphy defends timing of decision to shutter Reach Academy

By Amy Cherry/Allan Loudell 2:48pm, December 13, 2013
State Education Secretary Mark Murphy (WDEL/File)
Delaware's Education Secretary speaks out more on the decision to close the only all-girls charter school in the state.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

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State Education Secretary Mark Murphy defends the timing of his decision to close Reach Academy.

"It provides the opportunity, the adults, the teachers for example to seek other employment and to be able to find that employment in time for the next school year," says Murphy.

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The school will shutdown in June after the end of this school year. In other states, the shutdown announcement comes in May or June. Murphy says by telling families now, they have more control over the future of their child's education.

"From a child's standpoint, this now allows those families to exercise their parental choice around their schools within the choice deadline, which is a much simpler and more efficient way," Murphy says.

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He says though there's a risk that teachers may "check out," and that the children aren't getting a quality education in their remaining months, but he calls it a risk worth taking.

"It is the responsibility of the leaders in the school, the board of directors in the school and our department to monitor the quality of the implementation throughout the rest of the school year, I think that that is a worthwhile risk to taking in order to afford our parents the opportunity to choose different schools," Murphy says.

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