Record setting temperatures hit this weekend

By Gianna Banner 10:44pm, December 19, 2013
Record breaking temperatures in the forecast for your weekend.

AccuWeather's John Dugoenski tells WDEL, what you can expect on Saturday and Sunday.

"Looks like on Saturday, right now, if we see any sunshine, it could get a little bit warmer," he said. "We'll see high temperatures nearing 60 degrees on Saturday again if we can get some sun out there, it may be getting a little milder than 60."

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He says, that the record breaking warmth will travel from the Gulf Coast all the way up into the New England area.

If you think temperatures in the sixties is warm in December, just wait until warmer temperatures rise on Sunday.

"That may be the day where it's the warmest, as we'll see high temperatures getting to right around 70-71 degrees," said Dugoenski.

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64 degrees was the record that was set back in 1998.

Dugoenski says, temperatures on Monday will still be comfortable at 55 degrees, but expect to put the heavy coat back on when Tuesday rolls around because temperatures drop back to the mid 30s.

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