Wilmington falcons have a bun in the oven

By Mellany Armstrong 10:17am, March 3, 2014 - Updated 1:34pm, March 4, 2014
'Red Girl' with first egg near her right wing
It's winter all around us, but a sign of spring can be found in a nest on a Wilmington building.

WDEL's Mellany Armstrong reports.

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"It's pretty early, so we were quite surprised."

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Bill Stewart, founder of the webcam that keeps watch on them on the 19th floor of the Brandywine Building in downtown Wilmington, says 'falco-holics' are excited to see 'Red Girl' doting on the egg, and soon we'll see dad 'C.J.'

"Once they really get into incubation in earnest, the male and the female both share the incubation duties, and usually, the male will be out hunting most, bringing back food for the female," said Stewart.

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We should be seeing fluffy white chicks in a little over a month.

It takes 33 to 35 days for the eggs to hatch. Last year, four fluffy white chicks hatched in mid-April, and all survived.

You can see the nest by clicking here.

The webcam is a joint project with the Delaware Ornithological Society, DuPont, Citigroup, the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, DNREC and the Buccini-Pollin Group.

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