UD makes fish the focus at Philadelphia Flower Show

By Mellany Armstrong 1:37pm, March 3, 2014 - Updated 2:25pm, March 3, 2014
What do fish have to do with flowers?

The University of Delaware's fish-ladder exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show is spreading awareness of how the shad can revitalize the Brandywine watershed.

Junior Paige Gugerty is one of 20 students on the project, and says the 3-step waterfall fits right in with all of the beautiful flowers.

"The water feature is surrounded by native plants that line the Brandywine in spring, and the focus of our message, which is shad restoration, the shad are in the river, it increases biodiversity. So it really has a great impact on the whole ecosystem, including plants," she said.

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The exhibit features a large wooden shad sculpture hanging above the waterfall. The goal of the project is to install more fish ladders and remove dams to help bring shad back.

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