Kaufman criticizes universities that spend more on athletics than academics

By Amy Cherry/Allan Loudell 2:12pm, March 3, 2014
Former Sen. Ted Kaufman (WDEL/File)
A former Delaware Senator calls collegiate athletics "out of control," especially when it comes to spending.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

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In an op ed piece, former Delaware Senator Ted Kafuman calls us a "sports crazy nation" that needs to find an end to what he calls an arms race with so few winners.

"The expenses grow much faster than the money, and especially, if you're not one of the top teams, and you're further down the lane, you get less money from paraphernalia, less money from sports," he said.

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He points to the University of the District of Columbia, where academics were cut and the football program was expanded--thought it doesn't it make a lot of money. He also points to Rutgers, which just got into the Big Ten.

"They're building a new football training center, $12.5 million, but they're cutting back on a lot of their other sports programs," said Kaufman on WDEL's Delaware Afternoon News.

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Kaufman adds he's not a football hater--he's a fan--he just wants universities to get their priorities straight.

"This is totally about the desire of a university to identify with a football program and see that football program as successful," he said.

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Kaufman says he'd also like to see an end to the misperception that all college football programs make money.

"The contradiction is there's more and more money pouring into the sports, so there's more and more incentives for people to go after the gold ring, which only a very small percentage are going to get," he tells WDEL.

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