Code Purple means Del. homeless can escape bitter cold

By WDEL Staff 2:40pm, March 3, 2014
The continued winter weather is taking its toll on local homeless shelters.

"It's never been this bad this long," said Bill Perkins, who runs the Friendship House in Wilmington.

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Bill Perkins runs Friendship House in Wilmington. He says the next few nights will be an even bigger challenge to the city's homeless because of bitterly cold temperatures.

"The next 72 hours is going to be the make or break time for people that sleep outside, for people that sleep in unheated buildings, sheds, abandoned houses," he said.

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Perkins fears the city's homeless won't realize just how cold it's going to get because they're thinking it'll be warmer simply because it's March. But don't be fooled. Temperatures will hit a record low tonight with wind chills below zero.

A Code Purple remains in effect in Delaware.

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