Temperature drop unprecedented

By WDEL Staff 9:29pm, March 11, 2014 - Updated 8:17am, March 12, 2014
Severe weather may be in store for the state as 70 degree highs drop by more than forty degrees Wednesday.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Joe Lundberg says we'll see showers and a thunderstorm Tuesday afternoon with damaging winds, and then...

"By morning, it's going to be like we stepped out into a completely different world. There's a tremendous amount of arctic air that's in Ontario right now. That's going to be yanked rapidly southeastward behind the storm and behind that front. By the time you wake up tomorrow (Thursday), we'll be in the twenties with wind chills in the teens, and it hardly goes anywhere, despite sunshine returning tomorrow," said Lundberg.

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The temperature plunge is unprecedented.

"That's how dramatic the change is going to be. Hopefully though things will happen so that we dry things out; we don't have to worry about too many icy spots for the morning commute tomorrow morning, but that is a real concern. The interesting thing is as rapidly as it cools down tonight and tomorrow, guess what? It warms back up to 50 degrees or better on Friday," said Lundberg.

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Temps will warm up into the high fifties this weekend.

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