House Minority Whip unveils campaign finance legislation

By Amy Cherry 11:04am, March 20, 2014
The state House Minority Whip proposes campaign finance measures that dovetail with recommendations made in former Chief Justice Norman Veasey's report.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

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One of Rep. Debbie Hudson's measures calls for Delaware to enact a federal campaign finance law.

"A requirement that a contributor's occupation and employment information would need to be submitted with a donation check to a candidate," said Hudson.

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Hudson is also calling for a Whistleblower Protection Act that protects employees who report suspected campaign finance violations by their employers.

The Whip would also like to see a non-political committee comprised of lawyers make campaign finance recommendations to the General Assembly.

Hudson expects some pushback on these measures.

"These may be considered radical by people that have run for office in the past or may think about running," she said.

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But she's hoping for bipartisan support because public pressure will be high.

"The public was enraged by some of the items in the Veasey report, and I think that the public needs to see some reforms," she said.

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