Road rage shooting leaves victim in critical condition

By Frank Gerace 11:04am, March 29, 2014 - Updated 7:49am, March 31, 2014
State Police are investigating a road rage-related shooting that's left the victim in critical condition.

Police say the occupants of two cars gestured at one another as both cars traveled along State Route 1 northbound near the Biddles Toll Plaza in Middletown around 2:15 Saturday morning.

The two cars went through the toll plaza and pulled into the nearby parking lot, where a fight broke out between the two people in the first car and the four people in the second.

During the scuffle, one of the four men from the second car pulled a gun and shot the victim.

The four men got back into their car and took off on Route 13 northbound toward the Saint Georges Bridge, while the victim and the driver of the other car drove to the Roth Bridge, where the driver called 911.

The victim is hospitalized, and police are asking anyone who may have information about the shooting to call them or Crimestoppers.

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