Police find marijuana growing in Wilmington couple's home

By Jamie Winder 1:26pm, April 16, 2014 - Updated 3:03pm, April 16, 2014
Marijuana plants discovered by police in Darlene and Robert Grocki's home.
Police respond to a reported domestic dispute, but discover a marijuana growing operation instead.

Police arrested 61-year-old Darlene Grocki and 57-year-old Robert Grocki at their residence in the 1700 block of Montgomery Road after finding marijuana allegedly growing inside their home.

That morning, police responded to a call about a domestic dispute in the 1400 block of Montgomery Road. Officers spotted one of the parties to the dispute heading towards the 1700 block.

Police then approached Robert Grocki, and say he gave permission to enter his residence. After obtaining a search warrant, police say they found 3 pounds of marijuana, 5 firearms, and drug paraphernalia inside the Grocki's home.

Darlene and Robert Grocki were charged on multiple drug and weapons-related offenses and are being held at separate prisons, each on almost 40 thousand dollars bail.

Police say they were unable to find the suspect in the domestic dispute.

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