Proposed amendment takes aim at vicious dogs

By Amy Cherry 6:31pm, April 16, 2014 - Updated 6:45pm, April 16, 2014
VIDEO: WDEL's Amy Cherry reports with video from NBC 10.
Eight-year-old Riley still has scars after a neighbor's pit bull attacked her unprovoked in Talleyville two years ago.

"It was a death grip. That's how vicious it was. He jumped up and attacked her square in the face, latched on to her eye, nose and mouth area," said Riley's grandmother, Colleen Hover told NBC 10.

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Riley broke her jaw and had her tear ducts torn. The dog is still living there. Neighbor Chris Braddock tell NBC 10 the dog has gotten loose and attacked other dogs.

"I don't know why the dog is still there after nearly killing her girl," said Riley.

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The dog is still there because Delaware's poorly written law says the dog has to attack a human AND attack another animal before it can get taken away.

State Rep. Dennis Williams is trying to change that. His proposed amendment would enable authorities to take a dog away if it attacks a person OR something else like another animal.

"If someone's trespassing or breaking into your house, then there's an exception, so there's several different exceptions. That protection is still there," said Williams.

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The dog's owner would also have to attend a hearing.

Riley's family says if this amendment passes, people would be safer.

"It wouldn't happen again. It would stop right there, rather than everybody walking around on egg shells waiting for it to happen again before something can be done," said Hover.

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