Reporter: Cure Violence not exactly a favorite among Chicago PD

By Amy Cherry/Allan Loudell 5:10pm, April 25, 2014
We're learning more about the Cure Violence method that Mayor Williams hopes to bring to Wilmington.

Jeremy Gorner, a veteran police reporter for The Chicago Tribune tells WDEL that, at least in Chicago, the system has in some ways pitted police against so-called "violence interrupters."

"They basically have the ability to insert themselves in these gang conflicts and try to mediate conflicts. You know, they're able to get into territory that Chicago Police cannot, but Chicago Police, they don't really trust them because they have felony backgrounds," said Gorner.

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Gorner goes on to say the method isn't exactly a favorite among Chicago Police officers.

"Many police I've spoke with feel that because violent interrupters don't share information with them that only perpetuates this whole code of silence," said Gorner.

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It's unclear how the "Cure Violence" method could play out in Wilmington, but Mayor Williams is seeking $200,000 in funding in next year's budget for the anti-violence measure.

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