Students cheer for weird and wacky STEMfest experiments

By Jamie Winder 6:33pm, April 25, 2014
VIDEO: WDEL's Jamie Winder reports.
Experiments range from simple to strange at The Independence School's STEMfest.

WDEL's Jamie Winder reports.

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As part of STEMfest, parents and students came to The Independence School to watch weird and wacky science experiments, like sitting inside a garbage bag as air is sucked out with a vacuum, with Michigan Tech's Mind Trekkers.

Head of The Independence School Vicky Yatzus says STEMfest is aimed at keeping students interested in math and science.

"Research is showing that as kids go through elementary school they're getting turned off to these subjects, and we want to turn that around," Yatzus says.

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In one particularly odd experiment, students ran through a gelatinous mixture of cornstarch and water called Oobleck.

Co-creator of Mind Trekkers Steve Patchin loves seeing students have fun while discovering a passion for science.

"They think that things are too hard, that they're a failure at it because they can't understand it. But when they try these activities out and they get it, that passion is re-ignited," Patchin says.

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Students' favorite part of the evening was the final experiment: a rocket explosion on the school's front lawn.

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