Dover man arrested for bank robbery

By Carl Kanefsky 1:14pm, May 5, 2014
James Wilkerson
It didn't take long for Dover Police to nab the guy they say is responsible for holding up a city bank Monday morning.

According to police, it was just after 9:00 when James Wilkerson of Dover walked into the WSFS branch in the 1400 block of Forrest Avenue.

Wilkerson allegedly pointed a .357 revolver at a teller and demanded money, then took the cash and ran across the street towards an apartment complex.

Police found loose money in various parking lots throughout the complex, then saw Wilkerson throwing clothes into a dumpster.

Police searched Wilkerson and found red dye on his ankle, and arrested him after finding dye-stained cash, and the gun allegedly used in the hold-up, in his apartment.

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