Del. Sierra Club protests against Keystone XL Pipeline

By Amy Cherry 3:54pm, May 5, 2014
VIDEO: WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.
The Delaware Sierra Club protests against the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline outside Senator Carper's office in Wilmington.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

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A black inflatable replica of the Keystone XL Pipeline, spanning an entire city block, stretched down Walnut Street.

It was part of the Delaware's Sierra Club protest against efforts on Capitol Hill to fast track the pipeline without a presidential permit.

"The tar sands are an incredibly dirty form of fossil rules," said Amy Roe, Conservation Co-Chair of the Delaware Sierra Club.

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Roe and others in the group are urging Senator Carper to vote "no."

"The communities where the pipeline destination would be are already undergoing serious pollution issues as a result of oil refining, and we don't need to make that situation worse," said Roe.

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Ariel Schwalb, a University of Delaware freshman, who was arrested for protesting the pipeline outside the White House in March says not only is the pipeline a polluter, but it also hurts human rights.

"People are being eminent domained and losing their homes in order to build this pipeline," said Schwalb.

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She adds oil from the pipeline is often shipped to other countries.

"This is not domestic energy. We should be switching to renewable energy. It's 2014, we cannot afford to keep burning these fuels," she said.

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A spokeswoman for Senator Carper says he's still considering his vote on the matter. Senator Coons already plans to vote "no" on any plans to fast track the pipeline, saying Congress shouldn't be in the business of issuing construction permits.

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