Del Tech students nearly floating on air in class project

By Jamie Winder 5:51pm, May 5, 2014
VIDEO: WDEL's Jamie Winder reports.
The talent of Del Tech Stanton's mechanical engineering students hovers above the rest.

WDEL's Jamie Winder reports.

At Del Tech's Stanton campus, mechanical engineering students' most recent and challenging project is building hovercrafts.

Unfortunately, the two hovercrafts weren't able to get off the ground when those vehicles were presented on Friday.

Mechanical Engineering Instructor Steven Cohen says technical difficulties end up being better learning experiences for students.

"They're actually designing it, proving the concept mathematically. They're really learning that no project goes perfectly from the get-go," Cohen said.

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During a 15-week building period students were divided into day and night groups.

Day group leader Robert Lloyd says the hard work was worth it when they saw the final product.

"When we made the model of it we kind of understood it but we were really surprised at the end to see, wow, that thing we made really came to life," Lloyd said.

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Even though students were disappointed when the hovercrafts didn't take flight, they're excited for whatever project comes next.

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