Organics recycling project takes students to national competition

By Mellany Armstrong 1:33pm, June 9, 2014 - Updated 2:19pm, June 9, 2014
Eric Long (left) and Max Huhn of Zero Waste Team Delaware (Missing from photo: Aaron Knestaut and Elizabeth Nestle)
Four students from Hockessin are hoping their idea to get rid of more garbage wins a national competition.

WDEL's Mellany Armstrong reports.

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Zero Waste Team Delaware is headed to the finals of the U.S. Army-sponsored science competition, eCYBERMISSION. 14-year-old Cab Calloway grad Eric Long says they've created a waste management model that's already being used in Delaware.

"We showed the haulers the benefits, he can actually save $20 to $30 a ton by tipping in the composting facility instead of the landfill. So, the hauler loved this idea," he said.

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Classmate Max Huhn says they met with many people over the year-long project to divert organic waste.

"I've learned a lot of life things, like how you can't be late for meetings, or else you'll miss a lot," he said.

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The team has already won $12,000 and could win another $25,000 in the finals in Leesburg, Virginia, next week. Find out more about them by clicking here.

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