Williams to veto $511K in cuts to Wilmington Fire Dept.

By Tom Lehman 5:10pm, July 17, 2014 - Updated 11:43pm, July 17, 2014
Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams will veto a bill cutting $511,000 dollars budgeted for eight firefighter positions that are currently vacant Friday afternoon.

Williams is expected to sign a letter vetoing the budget amendment at a city fire house on North Tatnall Street, city spokeswoman Alexandra Coppadge said.

The administration and local firefighter union have opposed the bill. Fire Chief Anthony Goode said he would have to shut down one fire engine on a daily, rotating basis if the department was not allowed to fill the vacancies.

Those "conditional company closures" could have an adverse effect on public safety, Goode said.

Supporters like City Council President Theo Gregory argue the measure is part of a larger effort to cut down on wasteful spending and reduce the size of government.

In order to pass an override, nine council members would need to nullify the mayor's veto. Eight council members voted for the bill.

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