Del. GOP calls president's visit 'political theater'

By Tom Lehman 9:53pm, July 17, 2014 - Updated 10:02pm, July 17, 2014
Members of the state Republican Party think the president's visit was merely "political theater."

"We find him appearing for I-495. The situation at I-495 is not an issue of failing infrastructure. It's an issue of Markell Administration failing to do their job when they were alerted to safety issues at the bridge," said John Fluharty, Executive Director for the Delaware GOP.

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Fluharty said the I-495 bridge closure had more to do with mistakes made locally than aging infrastructure.

"They used I-495 as an example of why we need to raise taxes for more money and infrastructure improvements. That's an embarrassment, quite frankly, it simply isn't the truth," said Fluharty.

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Fluharty also laid blame surrounding the bridge's closure with a lack of leadership from Delaware Democrats.

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