Williams: Mayors agree, Washington is broken

By Peter MacArthur 11:48am, August 12, 2014
Jobs we're seeing come about after the most recent recession aren't measuring up to the jobs lost in terms of wages.

Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams joined more than 30 of his counterparts from around the country at the initial meeting of the Cities of Opportunities Task Force in New York.

He says much of the discussion focused on the wage gap between lower and higher income households.

Williams says the problem is compounded by a Congress that's too divided to be effective on any number of issues.

"It's broken, I really mean that. That's unfortunate because this is where we need to get most of our help from and all the mayors feel the same way I feel and I've never been in a room full of mayors who completely agree that the District of Columbia is totally divided," he said.

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Williams says Washington needs to step up with employment programs, perhaps similar to FDR's New Deal.

He says people without specialized skills can still work as laborers making much needed repairs to the nation's battered infrastructure.

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