Wilm. Council corrects planning oversight

By Tom Lehman 10:42pm, August 21, 2014
Wilmington City Council voted on Thursday to amend the zoning code to fix an oversight from more than 10 years ago on restrictions to multi-family home conversions.

WDEL's Tom Lehman reports...

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Council members voted to clarify the law so applicants trying to convert single-family homes to multi-family units would have to get approval from Zoning Board of Adjustments..

The clarification was required to help enforce changes council made in 2002, according to Matthew Harris, a city planner.

When the restrictions were initially put into place, Harris said the enacting language was added to an administrative section of the code, but relevant sections of the law were not updated properly.

"The ordinance will amend the zoning code as it should have been in 2002 and make it clearer that single-family conversions must be approved by the zoning board of adjustments," he said.

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The oversight affected several zoning districts, he said. Council passed the changes in a unanimous decision.

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