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WDEL's Delaware Hi-TechWatch
with Peter MacArthur

Second Screen experience

As consumers of high technology we're wanting to bring more of what we have at home, with us on the road.

It's called the second screen experience, says Sony Vice President John Koller.

" It's basically replicating that home theater experience you have at home and bringing it down in a portable way that you can bring with you anywhere you go."

Koller says apps and cloud services are a major benefit to allowing consumers to access their digital content without bogging down their mobile devices.

Koller says second screen technology continues the evolution of consumer wants driving technological innovation.

"And I think the change in the last ten to 15 years has been listening to the consumer either through social media or research or what not, and trying to solve those particular problems and using all the different strengths we have in innovation technology to solve that."

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