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WDEL's Delaware Hi-TechWatch
with Peter MacArthur

Hitech Real Estate advisor

As the home buying and selling season heats up in Delaware, it's good to know the value of what you're selling and buying. That's where comes in. According to company CEO Spencer Raskoff, you can find data at

"...on every home in America. What we're probably best known for is the Zestimate...that's our computer model's opinion of what every home in the country is worth and go check yours if you haven't done it already."

In addition to the website, Zillow also has applications for just about every major smartphone, so you can easily check property prices when you're out looking at real estate. And, if you have an android device, you can download their new rental application, which enables you not only to find the rental market value of property, but to look at candidates side by side and, in some cases, contact the landlord.

Zillow also offers the complimentary mortgage calculator and mortgage rate info, plus an advice option for both selling and buying a home, plus blogs on everything from building new construction to making your closing go smoothly.

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