Delaware Theater Spotlight

The Exonerated at Delaware Theatre Company

As citizens of the United States of America, we trust that our justice system will work to protect the innocent in our country and deter future crime, but that is not always the case...
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Best of 2.0 at City Theater Company

City Theater Company is constantly breaking the rules of theatre, changing our perception of how things "should" be, and showing us something new. Their latest productionóBest of 2...
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The Full Monty at The Candlelight Theatre

Whenever I go to the The Candlelight Theatre, I always know what to expect. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from The Full Monty. I knew basically what the show was about, men who were let go from their union and decide to put together a strip show of "real men" for one night only...
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The Mousetrap at Resident Ensemble Players

When you think of the longest running professional show, most people think of Cats or Phantom of the Opera. While that's true that they are some of the longest running musicals, they are not the longest running professional production...
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13 at the Wilmington Drama League

At first glance, it might be easy to assume Wilmington Drama League's production of 13, The Musical is a kids production. 13 teenagers on stage singing about the trials and tribulations of turning 13 years old...
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Miracle on 34th Street at the Wilmington Drama League

There is something magical about seeing a play about Santa Claus while it's snowing outside. I braved the elements this weekend to see Miracle on 34th Street The Musical at the Wilmington Drama League, and while there were some last minute changes because of complications brought about by the weather, the Wilmington Drama League still put on a very enjoyable show...
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Gypsy at City Theater Company

City Theater Company's production of Gypsy is an excellent example of accomplishing a lot with a little. No huge cast. No flashy special effects...
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The Story of My Life at the Delaware Theatre Company

Saying goodbye to a friend is never easy. When you're tasked with writing the eulogy, nothing you can say seems like it's enough. That's what best-selling author Tom Weaver has to do...
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Blithe Spirit at Chapel Street Players

Whenever you see a NoŽl Coward play, you can always expect a very enjoyable, witty comedy; Blithe Spirit at Chapel Street Players is no different...
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Steel Magnolias at the Wilmington Drama League

"Laughter through tears" is the best way to describe Steel Magnolias at the Wilmington Drama League. We meet six strong women at Truvy's beauty salon, all in different stages of their life...
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Delaware Theatre Company
September 17 - October 5

Terminator the Second
Bootless Stageworks
September 26 - October 5

Angels in America: Part One - Millennium Approaches
Resident Ensemble Players at the University of Delaware
September 25 - October 12

Fiddler on the Roof
The Candlelight Theatre
September 19 - November 2


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Wilmington Drama League
October 5 - 6